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stuart harris craftmanship

Traditional craftsmanship is thriving in north-east Essex. Working with wood to produce beautiful furniture is a passion for cabinet maker Stuart Harris.

A combination of traditional hand crafting skills and precision modern manufacturing techniques means quality furniture is within reach of most people and organisations.

You might be a business wanting unique and stylish board room furniture. You may be a church that needs a highly carved pew to be rebuilt after fire damage. You could be a school wanting to maximise the use of space to provide a productive educational environment. Or you could be an individual who has inherited five antique dining chairs and you would like a set and table to match. All your furnishing needs are possible when you call on Stuart Harris for a practical and finely crafted solution.

Stuart Harris really knows how to design and work with wood, to bring out the best in this natural material. So in this age of mass produced, fabricated wood furniture, you can own and enjoy something that is original and of the highest quality. Furniture that will be handed down the generations.

Dining room chair
Exquisitely finished Regency style table
Beautifully carved pew
Impressive reception desk

wood chisel