When it comes to supplying your school with furniture and fittings Stuart Harris knows how to meet your needs.

You want to stretch your budget further. You require clever space saving designs that utilize every spare centimetre around your school. You need the designs to be highly practical, often multifunctional and adaptable to changes of use. The construction has to be very strong, hard wearing with wipe clean surfaces. There has to be a minimum disruption to the school.

You get all this with Stuart Harris. The picture below shows the inside of a reception desk/area. See how the construction neatly fits around the support columns, with storage space and worktops beneath the desktop.

school reception


Below is a view of the dedicated computer studies area of a school prior to Stuart Harris designing and supplying workstations that help protect the equipment and provide a open, uncluttered learning environment for the pupils.

computer room furniture 1


Look at Stuart Harris's stylish, practical and safety conscious solution to providing a dedicated computer workspace. Observe how it uses the full potential of the space available. Notice the housing grills to assist cooling of the computers under the worktops, the circular cable exits so there are no trailing monitor cables, and the integrated shelving and lockable software storage cabinets.

computer room furniture 2


Outward facing corners, awkward shaped obstructions, and necessary access routes need not be a hindrance to valuable worktop space and storage. Notice the rounded corners to the work surfaces. A real advantage of using Stuart Harris is that most of the construction work is done off site where possible and installation is done at times most convenient to your school. So contact him today for a survey of your requirements.

                                                             island desktop storage unit   space saving worktops 1


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