In Stuart Harris you not only have at your service a master craftsman and designer but also someone who has command of a broad range of specialist woodwork skills. These include wood carving, inlay and veneering, beading work, gold leaf and french polishing. Notice, in the work below, how he has chosen the grain and accurately beaded the wood to accentuate the legs' flowing lines and exactly align with grooving on the castor.

specialist skills beading


Wood carving can be commissioned to add that unique touch to a piece of furniture or work can be requested to exactly match and reproduce fire damaged, vandalised or stolen wood carvings. The impressive wood carvings for pews, shown here, visibly demonstrate the level of intricacy and detail that can be achieved in the skilled hands of Stuart Harris.

specialist skills carving


An evocative carving of ears of wheat and dove finish off this striking altar piece.

carving detail


This is a close up view of carved fallen leaves that has been reproduced on each leg base of the Walsingham Barn furniture.

leg detail


For very fine inlay work and veneering Stuart Harris is your craftsman - the table is a fine example of his work.

inlay work veneering 1

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