Built in cabinets made in Tulipwood and manufactured board, with shelves above and undersupport drawers below, hand painted in white. The phone box on the bottom right has been incorporated behind a door, to look like two drawers and hinged on the right hand side. Mouldings where taken off existing pieces in the main house. This barn is now their office space.

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 Built in cabinets with a curved head glass doors above a shelved cabinet below, either side of chimney breast, made in Tulipwood and painted. There was not a glass door cabinet before but the customer wanted to keep the glass and fragile pieces behing locked doors. 

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 Built in bookcases and storage compartments with television and audio equipment in the centre. This customer wanted to utilise a room for play toys, a t/v area and storage space.

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 Built in bookcases with shelves above on brass bookcase strip, the right hand side incorporating a fridge behind one of the doors. This area is a walk through and the whiteness of the units help it to blend in with spot lights above.


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You can tell a craftsman by the quality of his chairs. An elegant chair with its fine curves, straight edges and precision joints is one of the more difficult pieces of work to produce for any craftsman. This accomplished piece of dining room furniture with its balanced proportions could easily grace a room in your home.

All chairs can be made to suit the dining and sitting room furniture in a style or period of your choice.

bespoke chair

Audio Equipment Cabinets 

There is no reason why modern technology and traditional furniture cannot come together. Especially when Stuart Harris has designed and built this CD, DVD, Cassette tape and Video Cabinet.

Hand veneered with American black walnut, and edged with solid walnut, this magnificent cabinet can hold the largest of collections. See how Stuart Harris has ingeniously incorporated storage for all the audio visual storage mediums.

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Storage Cabinets

The centre piece of any room. This curved elm veneered storage cabinet is not only beautiful on the eye by highly practical.

Inside this cabinet is storage space specifically designed to house the customer's photographic albums.

This is the advantage of having furniture made by Stuart Harris. You can have beautiful furniture made to fulfill your exact needs.

bespoke elm cabinet



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